"We loved the class and really want to take it again to refresh. We have definitely made a significant change in terms of how we talk to our kids. We give them more choices, we stay calmer and don't engage in arguments, we are thinking more proactively about how they can contribute around the house, and we are really working hard to stick to our word. "No means no and yes means yes". The most success we are having is with our 21 month old. We have been very consistent in doing the Uh-Oh Song with her. She is extremely strong willed, adventurous and intelligent. Now when we start to sing the song she mostly will stop the behavior and move on to something else. No yelling, no spanking needed. Just consistency and correction. We would be going nuts by now it it wasn't for the Love and Logic class! I truly hope that it is done again next year".

-Samantha, Folsom Cordova Unified School District Parent

"This is my second time taking this class and I loved it even more the second time. Every time I come, I take something new home with me, along with some extra motivation to be a great parent. Parenting has been a lot less stressful for me since taking this class. I feel better prepared for what my kids will throw at me".

-Michelle, Buckeye Union School District Parent

"Love and Logic is a wonderful tool that can appeal to families of all types and ages. I have taken the class twice over the course of five years, and I have learned something new each time. The six week sessions allow time for the concepts to sink in, and for participants to practice their new tools without being bombarded by many hours of information at once in an all day session". 

-Lynda, Folsom Cordova Unified School District Parent

"Since taking the Love and Logic class, our home is much calmer and mostly argument free. We took the class to learn how to deal with our 5 year old's melt downs and major fits. We were provided with many techniques and tools to extinguish the daily battles. It's amazing how a simple 'Bummer' or 'Ahhh' will calm a potential situation".

"My favorite, most effective tool is the 'Energy Drain', a method that puts the responsibility back on the child. Our daughter will take it upon herself to do chores, or even better, give mommy a foot massage! Instead of feeling frustrated about her behavior, I just have to smile when I see her trying so hard to give me my energy back. I used to say parenting is so hard. We're not perfect, but parenting has been much more fun. Thank you Carin and Love and Logic!"

-Amanda, Buckeye Union School District Parent and Teacher 

"My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the Love and Logic class. We have put a few concepts into practice and see unimaginable positive changes in our kids. Our kids are in elementary school and we have a long journey to make. We are very very anxiously looking forward to a repeat of this series".

-Abhinav and Deepti, Folsom Cordova Unified School District Parents

"After returning home from one of our Love and Logic classes I told my kids, 'I'd be happy to read stories to kids that get their jammies on and teeth brushed quickly'. They scrambled and did it! Then my husband said, 'Mommy reads to kids who put their clothes in the laundry', to which they both hopped right up and did. We looked at each other and said, 'this is too easy!' We've practiced using the enforceable statements and have had a fair amount of success. Of course, we are definitely a work in progress, trying to break old habits and looking for those teachable moments when we know the kids are going to act up. Oh how I wish I had tried these techniques years ago...I would be so much more fluent in the Love and Logic skills by this point!"

-Jennifer, Buckeye Union School District Parent