Parenting the Love and Logic Way®

Six-Session Course Outline

Session Six: Teaching Kids to Complete Chores Without Reminders and Without Pay

♦ Steps for getting resistant kids to do chores
♦ What to do if our kids refuse or forget to do them
♦ Why chores help kids feel loved and needed
♦ Why it's better to call chores "contributions"

Session Two: Teaching Responsibility without Losing Their Love

♦  How to help our kids learn from their mistakes rather than repeating them
♦  What to do when we can'™t think of a logical consequence
♦  How to discipline our children without losing their love

Session Three: Setting Limits without Waging War

♦  The secret to setting enforceable limits
♦  How to teach kids to listen the first time we ask
♦  A powerful technique for very young children

Session Four: Avoiding Power-Struggles

♦  Avoid un-winnable power-struggles
♦  Maintain healthy control over our homes
♦  Help our kids learn to resist peer pressure and other temptations

Session Five: Guiding Kids to Own and Solve Their Problems

♦  How to guide our kids toward owning and solving their problems
♦  Why this gives the gift of self-esteem and personal responsibility
♦  What to say when they encounter teasing, bullying and other tough problems

Session One: Putting an End to Arguing Back Talk and Begging

♦  Neutralizing arguing
♦  The importance of relationships
♦  Parents as the most powerful and the most loving people